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We asked, you answered. In this month’s styling video, Anthea tackles some of your styling questions with the help of the Trenery team.


Production Coordinator, Trenery

"Help! I need a smart casual jacket"

"Smart casual is the dress code of our lives yet can be the most difficult to master. These three jackets will look fabulous with anything in your wardrobe - jeans, pants or even over a skirt or dress.""

Shop The Look: The jacket, blouse, jean and heel.


Head of Design, Trenery

"Can I wear print on print?""

"Yes, you can. This is one of our favourite things to do; we love to layer and create interest with similar and contrasting prints. The key is to keep it simple and stick with the same colours."

Shop The Look:The jacket, blouse, jean and heel.


Assistant Manager, Trenery Camberwell

"I’m going on holiday, what should I pack?"

"Packing for a trip is not only fun, but it forces you to be considered in your choices. The key is to stick to a tonal colour palette with pieces that can stand alone or layer together beautifully"

Shop The Look: The top, pant and slide.
Anthea's Look
Anthea's LookShop The Look: The blazer, t-shirt, jean and heel.

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I am so excited about today. We are answering customer style questions.

Help I need a casual jacket! What does that look like?

We have got three fantastic options for you today with the help of gorgeous Andria from Trenery production. Thanks for helping me out on this one. Our first option is a grey linen crop trench. Now a trench is an absolute classic, you all know that. We’ve gone for the Linen Crop Trench in a pale grey. So think of pale grey as an absolute neutral, it goes with everything. We’ve paired it back with the great Cropped Wide Leg Jean and the Cotton Seersucker Blouse for spring. And I love the idea of the dark underneath with the lighter jacket, just adding a little bit of interest up the top. And of course, the Leopard Print Leather Sneaker is unreal. It all looks terrific together.

Our second casual jacket option is this fantastic Sporty Cotton Linen Zip Jacket. Again, it’s a cropped shape, it’s slighter shorter through the body, which I really like for spring because firstly it lets you wear a longer length top underneath so you can do your layering thing and get that extra coverage if you would like it at the back. It’s narrow through the shoulders, again lean through the body so it’s going to work with a fabulous skirt or a dress, great with tailored pants and of course the Cropped Wide Leg Jean as we’ve seen already.

We are so spoilt for choice this season because we have a third casual jacket option, the Leather Peplum Jacket. Everyone needs a leather jacket in their wardrobe and I really like the idea of olive rather than black. It reads as a little bit lighter and more relaxed. This is a little more sculpted and shaped than the jackets we’ve seen, so it’s more elevated. We’ve teamed the Goldie Suede Heel back with the Cropped Wide Leg Jean and can I say, how good is the crop length because the shoe is front and centre. I love it. So that is an absolute winner as far as a casual jacket goes as well.

I’m going on vacation, what should I pack in my travel wardrobe?

Our next customer style challenge is a ripper, I love it. It is, I’m going on vacation, what should I pack in my travel wardrobe? And Nicky, you are just the girl from me. You are from Trenery Camberwell and you are going on holidays yourself in a minute. First thing when you go on holiday, you really need to be well considered in your choices. And a good place to start is your colour palette. We have gone with grey, navy, white, cream, mid blue tones and some highlight colour in the pale pink. All of those colours work effortlessly together, but they work independently and they look beautiful when they are layered.

So let’s start with this outfit. You need some great pants. These Linen Yarn Dyed Tie Front Pants are super easy to wear, slightly mid-rise, they feel nice and comfortable around the waist. I love the pleating, it’s a narrow leg, and we’ve cuffed them to make them a little more cropped. And of course, they’ve got the self-tie belt. These pants are going out for dinner with the beautiful Lilith Leather Slide in pale pink, but put the Gayle Leather Sneaker with it and a Relaxed Cotton T-Shirt for the daytime and you’re exploring and sightseeing.

Next up, we need a striped top and I love the Modal Striped V-Neck Top because it is a fancy t-shirt. So navy and cream, I love it. It’s got a great sleeve and again, it dresses up the pants, but it’s going to look fabulous with denim or a skirt as well. So that’s also in the suitcase.

A key part of the holiday pack is definitely a jacket, you’ve got to take one. The Bamboo Jacket is ideal. It’s a lightweight bamboo in dark navy, again navy it fits with our colour palette, goes with everything. Super easy to wear. Very comfortable. Don’t even bother packing it, you’re wearing it on the plane. So that’s a must have.

The Olena Leaf Print Wool Scarf is brilliant because it keeps you warm, it keeps you cosy on the plane, it adds a little element of interest at night time if you’ve got a Relaxed Cotton T-Shirt with these great Linen Yarn Dyed Tie Front Pants.

Think about what fabrics you’re taking on your holiday as well. Linen some people have a heart attack and say no way it’s going to crease, but if you hang it in the shower, the steam will ease out some of the creasing. Easy to wear, easy to maintain while you’re on the road.

Can I wear print on print?

I have Jane the head of design at Trenery with me today to answer our next customer style challenge and it’s a really good one. It is, can I wear print on print and pattern on pattern? I’m pleased to say the answer is yes you can. In fact, it is one of my favourite looks. It takes a little bit of courage, but once you get in the swing of it, I know you’re going to love it.

A couple of key things to consider. Keep it really simple, keep the accessorising really simple and streamlined and don’t over complicate things. Also, keep the colour palette tonal. It’s a Short Sleeve Cotton Gingham Shirt, very crisp and clean and streamlined back with these beautiful Cotton Gingham Culotte Pants. Now, go for it with the pattern on pattern but of course, these pants look so good if you want to dial it down and swap out the shirt for a fabulous little simple grey t-shirt. I love the Pima Cotton Cuffed T-Shirt with the little sleeve and cuff detail, tuck it in at the front, have it hanging out at the back and swap out the slide for the Gayle Leather Sneaker.

Another version of print on print are these fabulous Spotted Palazzo Pants and the Linen Cotton Spotted Boho Blouse. I love the fact that it’s the same print, but in reverse colour so it’s got a lot of drama, the shape of the pants are very fabulous and glamorous. And I really like the idea that we’re playing with print, but keeping it tonal in a black and white colour palette. So be bold, have a go with print on print, I really love this. You can obviously swap out the shirt, wear that with denim, team a Relaxed Cotton T-Shirt back with the pants. Get both, try them both together, you know they work with other things but have a bit of fun with it at the same time.

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