Our Sustainability Journey We are committed to designing with sustainability in mind, with the aim of making every product more sustainable by 2020.

Our Suppliers All our manufacturers must adhere to high ethical, social and environment standards, which are aligned with the International Labour Organisation’s conventions in relation to ethical trade and the Ethical Trade Initiative base code. We also strongly believe in supporting Fair Trade-certified organisations that empower artisans and workers through fair work opportunities. Pachacuti We have been working with Fair Trade organisation Pachacuti since 2015, incorporating their Ecuadorian-made panamas, sunhats and trilbys into our summer collections. Learn More Artisan Prints We are proud to work with The Tharangini studio in Bangalore, India, whose philosophy is to employ and upskill as many craftspeople as possible in the art of hand block printing. Learn More

Traceability & Responsibly Sourced Fabrics Many fabrics are associated with negative environmental and social impacts. We’re working to increase traceability through our supply chain and use responsibly sourced fabrics and more recycled or organic materials in our collections. Fabrics & Fibres Regenerated cashmere, organic cotton and Thermore® Ecodown® are just some of the fibres and fabrics we now use. Learn More

Sustainable Cotton Cotton production is highly water and chemical intensive, but provides a livelihood for 250 million people around the world. Trenery is committed to supporting sustainable cotton farming practices, by using more organic cotton in our collections and partnering with the Better Cotton Initiative to transform the cotton production globally.

Deforestation Free Cellulose Cellulosic fibres like viscose, modal and lyocell are tree-based fibres and an estimated 120 million trees are logged every year to produce them – a third of which are from ancient and endangered forests. Trenery is working with environmental not-for-profit Canopy towards eliminating ancient and endangered forests from fabrics made from wood-based fibres like viscose, modal and lyocell. We are also mindful of the processing impacts of cellulosic fibres and our preference is to source from mills that minimise impact on the environment. Fabrics & Fibres Versatile, drapey and easy to care for, viscose, modal and lyocell are a mainstay in our womenswear collections. Learn More