Cotton Soft yet durable and easy to care for, we love cotton fibres for their versatility, from lightweight knits to casual t-shirts, sleepwear and denim. Pima cotton, used in our t-shirts, knits and polo shirts, is a longer fibre that boasts superior softness, strength and resilience.

Why We Use ItCotton is natural fibre and all of the plant is used in some way, including the lint, cotton seed, linters, stalks and seed hulls. It has a unique fibre structure which is absorbent and breathable, helping the body to remain cool in summer and stay warm in winter. SustainabilityBecause of our ongoing use of this fibre, we've partnered with the Better Cotton Initiative to transform cotton production globally. The initiative helps farmers grow cotton in a way that protects the environment and improves the livelihoods of farming communities. Learn more We are also working towards using more certified organic cotton in our collections, which is grown without chemicals and uses less water than conventional methods. Any water waste is then recycled, thus further reducing the environmental and social footprint. The organic cotton we source must adhere to strict environmental standards, which are audited independently by the Global Organic Textile Standard. Learn more View Ways To Care